true utility

Axioms the utility token that powers the automated airdrop platform.

the focus is on features and real world use-case that people want to gain advantages and value. Thus being one of the true utility tokens in existence.


Secure. Safe. Simple.


Real Projects. Real Users. Elegant Interface.


Evolving. Automated. Mass adoption.

Axioms Airdrop Cloud
Receive. Create. Build.

Earn free tokens, distribute them to build a community, or run your own branded, network platform. Axioms Airdrop Cloud brings innovation and access to the masses.

Elegant Design. Free Tokens.

Mobile Ready Dapp


 ⁃ Sign up is free

 ⁃ Earn free tokens

 ⁃ use Axioms tokens to enhance your crypto game



 ⁃ One click smart contract builder

 ⁃ Automated marketing solutions

 ⁃ Uniswap pool and marketmaking walkthrough



 ⁃ Our brand, Your Image,  Our network

 ⁃ No coding knowledge required

 ⁃ Earn income


Axioms is your A to Z solution to join the crypto bull run: it’s just one click away

Axioms True Utility Value

Utility features:

  • Access the power of different ranks
  • Payment method to create tokens and build communities
  • Payment method for your own branded White Label Platform
  • Much more actively in developmen

Axioms Token Distribution

Let’s Change How We

Do Business

True Utility

Effective Products

Community Focused


Axioms Tokens


Distribution (See Below)

Castle Coin Holders

Distribution allocated to Castle (CSTL) coin holders1

3 Axioms : 1 Castle

Minimum 10,000 CSTL in receiving address to claim

New User Acquisition

Tokens to be utilized exclusively for the acquiring of new users to the platform2

User Retention

Tokens specifically allocated to retaining users on the platform such as reward mechanisms for activity3

Axioms App Team

The Axioms Business, owners, and individual Team members, will not receive any additional tokens from the distribution of Axioms tokens4

1click here for more details plus see the bonuses and the future of Castle coin below
2distribution to the public done in a strategic, appropriate, and slow manner for utility purposes only
3distribution to the public done in a strategic, appropriate, and slow manner for utility purposes only
4Axioms App Corp and Team members may still claim as a Castle Coin Holder




Wednesday, April 15th, 2020, 2pm Eastern Standard Time

Block Height 746665

Custodial owners (such as exchanges and third party hosting sites or apps) of Castle coin are not permitted to claim Axioms tokens for themselves or on behalf of Castle coin holders. Only direct Castle coin owners with full control over their receiving addresses via a full node wallet may claim Axioms tokens. Violations may result in legal and financial repercussions for parties who do not comply. Claims will be accepted until: Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

Axioms Exchanges

Buy Axioms, an erc20 token

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BONUSES When Claiming Axioms

  • Circuits of Value – TBD COVAL    
  • Circuit Society – 5,000 CRCT    
  • CyberFM – TBD CYFM  

Drag and Drop Blockchain Coding: The Future of Blockchain Simplicity

Circuits of Value

Bonus TBD

Real World, Competitive Racing

Circuit Society

Claim 5,000 BONUS CRCT when you claim your Axioms tokens

“We’re not Online Radio, we’re Radio, Online”


Bonus TBD

Castle Coin

    • Integration plans as a utility coin
    • Mandatory update with drastically reduced block rewards to near zero to remove the inflationary effect on a utility coin


    After 10 (ten) white label partner airdrop platforms are set up and running, Castle will be implemented as an alternative payment solution, or other functions, with the Axioms platform

      • A minimum of 10 white label partner airdrop platforms must be maintained for this feature to remain in effect

More to come based upon the direction and needs of the Axioms Airdrop Platform

The crossroads to your future is here

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