Initial Token Economics

Axioms is an erc20 Ethereum token with a fixed supply of 100,000,000.

50,000,000 tokens are earmarked for the Castle Community at a 3:1 ratio of 3 Axioms to 1 Castle to be distributed in the form of an Airdrop.

The balances of Castle wallets are based upon the explorer snapshot date Wednesday, April 15th, 2020, 2pm Eastern Standard Time, Block Height 746665

The minimum balance in a receiving address to claim is 10,000 CSTL based upon the snapshot balance. Any balances lower than 10,000 will not be eligible to participate in claiming Axioms tokens.

Custodial owners (such as exchanges and third party hosting sites or apps) of Castle coin are not permitted to claim Axioms tokens for themselves or on behalf of Castle coin holders. Only direct Castle coin owners with full control over their receiving addresses via a full node wallet may claim Axioms tokens. Violations may result in legal and financial repercussions for parties who do not comply.

Strong Token Distribution Plan

Castle Community


New User Acquisition


User Retention


Axioms Team


Axioms claims by Castle coin holders will be permitted until Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

The exact time is subject to change and is defined by the Axioms Team.

No exceptions will be made past this time.

Budget details

Any tokens earmarked for Castle holders that are not claimed shall be added to the New User Acquisition balance.

Tokens assigned to be distributed to the new user acquisition budget shall only be permitted for activities specifically centered around new user acquisition. Example: Airdrop to bring in more users to the platform, Airdrop for Axioms social media, Sign up bonuses, etc.

Tokens assigned to the user retention budget shall only be permitted for activities specifically centered around user retention. Example: User sign up bonuses for premium services inside the platform, rewards for multi-day sign in and use of the platform, internal function use of the platform, etc.

Axioms Team

The Axioms Team, and members of the Axioms Team, will be permitted to claim Axioms tokens based upon eligible Castle coin balances under the same rules for the Castle Community.

The Axioms Team, and members of the Axioms Team, will not receive additional tokens from the Axioms token initial distribution and will not receive payment, or other forms of compensation, from the new user acquisition or user retention budgets.

No one is required to participate in the Axioms Token distribution and the Axioms Team does not suggest one should, or should not, participate.


During the process of the initial token distribution of Axioms, some additional coins or tokens may be airdropped to users as bonuses. Axioms does not represent, endorse, or take responsibility for your acquiring, claiming, or use of the coins being airdropped.

Accepting any additional coins or tokens as a bonus during the initial token distribution of Axioms is completely optional and at the discretion of the person claiming Axioms tokens.


The distribution to Castle coin holders is in the form of an airdrop. Castle coin holders will retain their coin. This is not a swap. No one will be required to hand over their CSTL. No steps beyond filling out the claim application is required unless there are issues arising from the data submitted on the application or otherwise in the processing of distribution.

The exact time of the snapshot on the announced date is subject to change. A block height chosen will be officially announced after the snapshot date. Any Castle coin not fully confirmed, whether through staking, transfer, or otherwise, for any reason whatsoever, will not be included in the snapshot, regardless of amount.

It is strongly advised to transfer all coins to your local wallet well in advance of the snapshot.

It is strongly advised to lock your wallet and halt staking approximately ONE (1) full day before the snapshot date to avoid any accidental wallet functions that could disrupt your balance.

It is strongly advised to confirm your wallet is in synchronization with the Castle blockchain explorer found here.

Axioms is not responsible for individual actions that fail any of the steps necessary to be taken before, during, or after a snapshot.

The Axioms Team encourages all Castle coin holders to have all CSTL they wish to claim in the Axioms airdrop in their local wallet and locked, or staking turned off, at least two full days (48 hours) prior to the snapshot announced date to avoid any potential issues from occurring.

No social media actions shall be required by Castle coin holders to claim Axioms tokens. In order to claim Axioms tokens, some information may be required such your Castle coin receiving address, Castle coin receiving address balance, signing said receiving address for proof of ownership, Ethereum address, a social media username (ie: Discord username), and other, reasonable information to assist with a secure and efficient distribution. Failure to provide any required information will result in forfeiture of any claim.

Distribution of Axioms tokens for Castle coin holders may be done in batch transactions and the timing of said batch transactions can not be guaranteed.

Ethereum GAS TX fees for the initial distribution of Axioms tokens to Castle coin holders will be covered by the Axioms team. The Axioms team reserves the right to delay distributions, without notice, due to higher than normal GAS TX fees, or other, logically sound-based reasons.

Any errors due to user submission shall not be corrected. Axioms tokens sent to incorrect addresses due to the Axioms team being provided with the wrong address will be not reversed or “resent” to a new Ethereum address. Double check your entries are correct prior to submission. Double submitting addresses may result in complete forfeiture of a claim.

If the Axioms Team reaches out to you for any reason for clarification of information, and you fail to respond within 31 calendar days with the requested information, you forfeit your claim to Axioms tokens. The 31 calendar day count begins at the time the Axioms Team sends communication to you, regardless of the method of communication, as long as it matches at least one submitted communication method provided in your Axioms token claim form. If you choose to not provide a contact method in the “MY information” section when submitting the Axioms claims form, and you fail to provide a Castle receiving address, “message,” and signature, then the Axioms Team will not reach out to you and your claim is forfeit.

Bot generated submission claims are disqualified. Any claim form that submits an Ethereum address in the location where your Castle related information goes, and the Ethereum address location, will be considered bot-submitted and will result in the claim being forfeited and may result in the claim being deleted from the database.

The claims form takes place via the services provided by Google. All data retained by Google is of the liability of Google for any issues occurring to you derived for use of the form. By choosing to utilize the form through Google, you acknowledge and accept this.

Miscellaneous continued

The Axioms Team may deny claims by Castle coin holders at the sole discretion of the Axioms Team. Such denials are reserved for extreme circumstances. Examples include such things as fraudulent actions, attempts to over claim, inappropriate or hostile behavior by the claimer, or other actions deemed as reason for denial by the Axioms Team.

Crex24, DelionDex, Crypto-Bridge, or any other third party hosting service or exchange and associated organizations and people, such as Liquidblocks ApS and owners, shareholders, employees, or similar, may not participate in this airdrop of Axioms token, or any other potential airdrop in any capacity with Castle coin acquired, or associated with being acquired, as a result of the Castle coin left on the Crypto-Bridge gateway, or Bitshares network, other exchanges or services, or other, similar, third-party or custodian methods of storing or utilizing Castle coin. Violation may result in financial penalties pursued to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Terms and rules for distribution subject to change at the sole discretion of the Axioms Team.

The distribution of the Axioms token will occur only after a version of the Axioms platform, or other Axioms service, is released for public use with utility integration of the Axioms token.

The distribution of the Axioms token to Castle coin holders may be revoked at any time for any reason by the Axioms Team.

If Axioms App Corp denies a claim, for any reason stated in the terms to claim Axioms tokens, the lack of distribution to a submitted Ethereum address will equate to proof of said claim being denied. No further proof is required to be provided by Axioms App Corp.

The distribution of Axioms tokens to the Axioms team, people, or entities associated with the Axioms team may have the time or Ethereum address changed at the sole discretion of the Axioms team. Any changes will not result in more tokens being provided to the Axioms team, people, or entities associated with the Axioms team based on the amount owed as a Castle coin holder. However, tokens may be partially distributed to any Ethereum address, over time, until the full amount has been allocated. These changes may occur at any time, and an unlimited number of times, only after the final claims date of Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, 2pm Eastern Standard time.

The Axioms token is a utility token and should not be considered for an “investment” nor is monetary value of the Axioms token identified, provided, or suggested by the Axioms Business or any member of the Axioms Team.

The purchase or sale of the Axioms token, Castle coin, or any other associated coin or token, is at the sole discretion of the party, or parties, engaging in the purchase or sale, and should not be considered done so for financial gain.

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