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Community as a Service

Axioms doesn’t just create your token: it promotes it to a readymade community that’s willing to support your project.

1. Take a great idea

Create your own token and build a supportive community with the whole process, from coding to deployment, fully automated.

2. Tokenize it

Farm it. Stake it. Tip it. Earn it. You choose the utility. We’ll program it.

3. Add Axioms

The AXIOMS token powers the Axioms network, providing deflationary utility for an incentivized community.

Bootstrap your business


Power up your project. Use economic incentives to build a passionate community. Create the next game-changing token, farming sensation, social experiment, or viral dApp. Join our Telegram today:

01. Users

Benefit by spending Axioms tokens for value add in other projects’ ecosystems.

02. Projects

Create your own token and build an instant community, all fully automated.

03. Businesses

Axioms adds mechanical innovation to crypto project ecosystems through utility and novel concepts. Reach out today and take advantage of the next big crypto move.

Castle Coin Holders

27,701,199.13 AXIOMS has been distributed to CSTL holders.

New Users

47,298,800.87 AXIOMS for community growth: Contract Address

User Retention

25,000,000 AXIOMS allocated as ongoing project expansion: Contract Address

Team & Advisors

Axioms team members receive no tokens: everything will go to community.


What’s the tl;dr on Axioms?

Token Issuance as a Service empowered by the Axioms team and deflationary utility token. It’s the simplest way for individuals, teams, and businesses to create and distribute their own token with no technical knowledge required, and build a strong community. Axioms automates the whole process, allowing projects to create a unique token in just a few clicks.


Functions of the Axioms token include:

  • Utility: Axioms is a deflationary utility token that powers ecosystems across the crypto sphere.
    • Spend: Use Axioms to get value add in other ecosystems such as multipliers or boosts on staking pools.
    • Burn: 100% of spent Axioms is burned, removed from supply forever. You can track the progress of burned Axioms: here

Who is Axioms designed for?

Axioms caters for cryptocurrency users, businesses, and projects. Here’s what’s in it for each group:

Cryptocurrency users: Axioms is a deflationary utility token. This means you can use Axioms in other project ecosystems for value add gains such as multiplier bonuses on your stakes in staking pools. When Axioms is spent as a utility it is burned, removed from supply forever.

Projects: Quickly issue a token for a newly created DAO, defi game, yield farming platform, or economic experiment. For those game-changing ideas that just won’t wait, Axioms allows you to launch a novel token fast. You create the rules and we’ll build them into your native token. All while fully automating the process to build a strong, supporting community, and hyper-powering your project with value-add functionality of Axioms utility.

Who’s behind Axioms?

Axioms is the product of a close team of cryptocurrency developers. We’ve extensive experience of working within the Ethereum ecosystem to create tokenized projects that gain traction. We know our smart contracts, our Solidity, and the secrets to creating highly engaged communities. Basically, all the stuff required to successfully create and allocate an ERC20 token to a global community who will support your project.

Who created the code that Axioms uses?

Your token will be created using the ERC20 token standard, with the number of tokens, token name, decimal places, and other rules programmed according to your specification. Additional functions can be programmed into the smart contract controlling your token to allow for provisions such as governance, burning, liquidity, and transfer rules. 

The code we use has been rigorously tested and is based on open source code that is used by decentralized finance protocols controlling assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why have a token?

There are many reasons why it might be beneficial to issue a native token. If your business is not native to crypto, tokenization provides an entry into a fast growing sector that sits at the cutting edge of economics, game theory, and blockchain technology. Issuing a token with real monetary value is a fascinating economic experiment that can bootstrap a project, monetize it, and form an active and highly engaged community around it. Axioms will empower your vision and bring it to reality.

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