Axioms token distribution

AXIOMS is an ERC20 Ethereum token with a fixed supply of 100,000,000.

Terms and conditions

The distribution of AXIOMS token will occur only after a version of the Axioms platform, or other Axioms service, is released for public use with utility integration of the AXIOMS token.

If Axioms App Corp denies a claim, for any reason stated in the terms to claim AXIOMS tokens, the lack of distribution to a submitted Ethereum address will equate to proof of said claim being denied. No further proof is required to be provided by Axioms App Corp.

The AXIOMS token is a utility token and should not be considered for an “investment” nor is monetary value of the AXIOMS token identified, provided, or suggested by the Axioms Business or any member of the Axioms Team.

The purchase or sale of the AXIOMS token, Castle coin, or any other associated coin or token, is at the sole discretion of the party, or parties, engaging in the purchase or sale, and should not be considered done so for financial gain.

CSTL holders

27,701,199 AXIOMS tokens have been distributed to CSTL holders.

Axioms users

Tokens assigned for new user acquisition are for activities specifically centered around growing the Axioms community e.g. airdrop to bring in more users to the platform, to social media, signup bonuses.

Axioms team

The Axioms Team will not receive tokens from the Axioms token initial distribution and will not receive payment, or other forms of compensation, from the new user acquisition or user retention budgets.


During the initial token distribution of AXIOMS, some additional tokens may be airdropped to users as bonuses. Axioms does not represent, endorse, or take responsibility for your acquiring, claiming, or use of the tokens being airdropped.

Accepting any additional coins or tokens as a bonus during the initial token distribution of Axioms is completely optional and at the discretion of the person claiming Axioms tokens.